Our greatest need is prayer. God urges us to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17) and we truly believe that Care Centre Ottawa cannot successfully fulfill its mission without continuous prayer.

Our prayer requests:

  • That our guests would feel loved and valued from the moment they first have contact with us

  • For transformation of our guests and volunteers - that our guests would be impacted by the love and kindness shown by our volunteers and that, in turn, our volunteers' relationships with God would be strengthened 

  • That we will see natural indigenous leaders rise up and take ownership of the development of their communities 

  • For wisdom and guidance in the small decisions of our daily operations and in the big decisions that impact our future

  • That our storehouses and the storehouses of our partners would overflow as we continue to give generously to our neighbours

  • That seeds planted through our service provision would grow

  • That our guests would know the peace and hope that comes from the Lord, who remains steadfast and unchanging even in the midst of global uncertainty and loss.